Ready to Monetize Your Expertise?

ATTENTION: Counselors, Coaches, Authors, Beginning or Experienced Speakers, Ministers, Entrepreneurs, Trainers, Bloggers, who have a Story, an Expertise, a Vision to Change lives and Get Paid while doing it! This is your One-stop-Shop for Getting Heard, Getting Seen, Getting MORE Clients and Getting PAID!  You think this is you, but not sure?

TRUST ME, you’re not alone

If you’re like the 100’s of people I’ve helped learn to stay out of their own way, you feel that confirmation in your spirit reminding you that it’s time for a change in your life.  There’s a feeling you just can’t explain that says, “I know I’m destined to do more than what I’m doing.”  The truth is, you’re right!

Imagine how it will feel to:

  • Speak on stages to 100’s of people who came just to hear your story.
  • Leave the job you hate to pursue your real purpose in life.
  • Not hide who you are what you love to do and to help more people with your talents and gifts.
  • Be invited to appear on countless Radio and Television shows to talk about your book, your mission, or just YOU!
  • Have a waiting list of Clients because your Coaching, Consulting or Counseling practice is BOOKED SOLID & COMPLETELY FULL
  • Make MORE Money in a day than you currently make in a month!
  • Sell copies of your books, audios, programs, speeches and/or coaching services with ease.
  • More importantly, wake up and live the life of your dreams every single day!
It’s time to Stop Hiding

Blog_Try something new

Your dreams can easily come true.  All of the above are possible and will happen for you if you truly commit to a proven process that has worked for so many others in their pursuit of Monetizing their Expertise.  Sure you’ve tried, but have you really invested in the success you desire?  Or have you simply relied on a series of your own experiences, friends who don’t know any more than you or your fears to be your guide?  If you want something different, you have to DO something different.

Don’t spend another DECADE of your life trying to figure out your Coaching, Writing and Speaking Business

If you repeatedly found yourself attracting setbacks instead of successes in your business, practice, ministry, book sells or speaking career, it’s easy to get discouraged about staying motivated.  It’s even easier to have feelings of doubt, skepticism, and emptiness when it comes to you making money or being seen or heard. Let’s be honest!  You see it happening for your role models, friends, class-mates, co-workers and even people who you KNOW aren’t as talented and gifted as you

Ever caught yourself saying or asking:

  • I have a story to tell, but I’m not sure anyone would listen.
  • I want to be a Speaker or Write a book, but I don’t know where to start.
  • I know I’m called to do more than just work this 9 to 5 job.
  • How do I attract better Clients? More Clients? Higher paying Clients!
  • How do I get booked on radio, television, magazines, or blogs?
  • How do I launch my speaking career while working my day job?
  • How do I pick and pitch the topics that sell and match my Vision?
  • Seems like its happened for everyone else, why hasn’t it happened for me yet?
  • Has God forgotten about me?
  • Will I ever find the time to focus on truly pursuing my purpose? 

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above, you’re in the right place!


Web_Pic_Jack_A_DanielsGOOD NEWS!  I have a new program called EXPERTS CLASS ™ featuring my proven, proprietary system called The Monetize Your Expertise Formula!  I’m excited to share it with you!  I’m inviting you to participate in an experience that will catapult you and your business to the next level!

Hi there!  My name is Jack A. Daniels – a best selling author of five (5) books, an-in demand speaker, media personality, coach and psychotherapist to the stars!  I work with people every single day – from celebrities to every day people looking to increase their influence and income – to help them breakout of the pits they find themselves in, and break into their purpose.  As a trained psychotherapist who commands some of the highest fees in the industry, I know EXACTLY how to help people with the strategies they need to overcome their fears and to open up their financial possibilities.  I’m not fond of “gurus” who talk about problems but in NO way provide a plan or directions on how to solve them.  I understand the frustrations, fears, shame and disappointment of not being where you want to be in life.  It’s not fun!

I counsel & coach people every day who are frustrated just like you. People who know what it feels like to wake up and go to jobs they don’t like and talk to people who they KNOW don’t like them.  People who are pros at hiding their talents, gifts and abilities because they’re unsure of how to make money doing what they’re destined to do.  Until I taught them the secrets of monetizing their expertise, they felt like the closest they’d get to their dreams was watching hours of youtube videos of other people walking in their Divine purposes. They never thought success could happen for them. THEY WERE WRONG!


Just a few short years ago, I was stuck in a job…climbing the corporate ladder…building someone else’s dream.  I knew that I was built for more but wasn’t sure how to make the leap into working for myself full-time.  I just knew I wanted to help people.

Fast forward to today –  I’ve been on 100′s of radio broadcasts, dozens of television shows, written 5 bestselling books, speak at schools, organizations, churches, Fortune 500 companies and have a roster of several high-profile-high-achieving & wealthy clients who have no problem paying HIGHER fees!  It wasn’t easy figuring out how to thrive, but I did figure it out.  Now I’m answering the call to teach you how to enter into your purpose as well.  You can do the same (without the headaches & guesswork) and I’ll show you how!


jack collage 1b

Because I believe in the power of voice and have helped so many people discover how to position themselves to be seen and heard, I’ve created this special invitation that unveils the strategies needed for you to experience what my heart and your heart knows it deserves.

I wish someone had created a “system” like this when I first started writing, speaking and counseling!  I’ve had so many people ask for advice in this area.  After years as a highly paid coach & speaker, I’ve perfected an easy-to-follow step-by-step process that consistently helps ANYONE get started and get paid.  I created this with you in mind. THIS IS YOUR YEAR!  It’s time for you to be seen and heard!

The EXPERTS CLASS™ experience is for you if you’re REALLY Ready to increase your influence, exposure, impact, income and don’t want to spend another decade hoping success somehow finds you.

It’s your time to Be Seen and Be Heard TOO!


YES, I’ve done a lot over the years.  And that’s why I’m SO excited to offer this Class!  So many people have asked for this and I can’t wait to share the many insights, processes, strategies and tools I’ve collected over the years.  This stuff will shave at least 7 years off your learning curve and catapult your business at the same time!  So I know you’re wondering… “What all will I learn?”

During EXPERTS CLASS™, You’ll Get Exclusive Access to my Monetize Your Expertise Formula™ – featuring Six (6) Intensive, High-Content Marketplace Mastery Modules.  Here’s a glimpse at what you will learn…


  • Your life is filled with so much clutter, its difficult to be clear about what you TRULY want and what it looks like. This module guides you through a process of getting clarity.
  • Getting clear about your Vision, Focus and Business goals.
  • The 4 Keys to remove hidden barriers blocking you from growing your impact and income.
  • How to identify your “stuck story.”


  • How to identify your Brand Message.
  • How to identify your target audience.
  • How to tell your story and create a Signature talk that sells.
  • Learn the psychology and mechanics of how to speak with confidence.
  • How to create content & topics that get you booked, connects with and attracts clients.


  • 3 ways to increase your Visibility NOW!
  • Marketing 101:  The Real Secret of {Product, Placement, Pricing & Promotion}
  • The ONE thing that will change how potential Clients and your audience see you.
  • How to Stand Out from everyone else.
  • Putting together Marketing Materials for getting booked and getting noticed.
  • Learn Internet Marketing and Social Media strategies that work.


  • How to brand and position yourself as an Expert.
  • How to get FREE Publicity.
  • Pitch yourself or product to radio & television producers like a pro. (Proposals that work)
  • How to create your own media buzz.
  • The ONE Secret to remaining HOT and in demand.


  • How to Structure and Manage your Business.
  • Learn the 8 Income Generating Streams your business needs.
  • The 3 BIGGEST reason you’re not making Money.
  • How to Price your Speaking, Products and Programs.
  • Learn the simple formula for making 6-figures this year.
  • How to charge HIGHER fees for your speaking, coaching, programs and services.
  • 3 Ways to get PAID THIS WEEK! (This alone will make your $$$ back for this course)


  • The BIGGEST mistakes you’re making with networking and attracting your Ideal Clients.
  • How to better identify opportunities to make a connection.
  • The one secret you MUST know for meeting planners and your ideal Clients to be attracted to you.
  • The 5 best places to Get Bookings and Ideal Clients.
  • 3 ways to get attention without looking like you’re trying to get attention.
  • How to reduce the chances of rejection and increase your bookings instantly!

During the Experts Class experience, you won’t just find success…you’ll find a BETTER YOU in the process


Experts Class has transformed the lives and businesses of so many people, I can’t wait for you to experience your own transformation as well! The only question you have to answer is, “Will you commit to you?” Do you believe the little voice whispering to your spirit telling you there’s more waiting for you?  Are you tired of playing games and never being able to sit at the winners table?  Do you believe that trying something different will get you different results?

If you’re honest with yourself, you know launching your business, pursuing your passion or helping more people is at the TOP of the list in your life.  You’ve invested countless hours of trying to make it happen on your own and look where you are.  Frustrated, tired, losing your faith and maybe even borderline bitter.  It’s time to make a commitment to doing something different. It’s time for you to have the Impact, Influence and Income you deserve!

If you’re serious about NOT spending the next 10 years hoping your destiny finally finds you, I’m inviting you to join me and countless others on this journey!



MA - WebPic3


This course is taught with a combination of audio, online webinars, & handouts. No need to travel! All you have to do is dial or log into the conference number at our program times. You will receive the digital audio course along with the Six (6) Modules of workbook assignments.

What do I get?

  • Six – 90 minute audio strategy sessions of each module – that’s nearly 9 hours of learning and instruction.
  • 2 Question & Answer sessions
  • Recorded MP3 downloads of all live broadcasts
  • Written Transcripts of all recorded broadcast sessions
  • Once a week calls with your “Accountability Partners” to keep you on task
  • Weekly exercises and notes sent out by email
  • Weekly business, industry & Speaking tips delivered to your email inbox
  • Tools, self-assessments and other resources for further follow-up

Note: If you can’t make a group call, they’re all recorded.  You’ll have unlimited access to recordings of all of the class sessions following the live broadcast (listen online or download the mp3 files to your iPod or audio player). 

What are the benefits?

  • Dedicated time to focus on clarifying and mapping out your business strategies
  • Regular calls and coaching to create momentum and accountability
  • A physical blueprint and actionable plan for success
  • Create the future you want and not what everyone else wants
  • Connection with other professionals who also are serious about monetizing their expertise (being around like-minded, advancing people is paramount to your success!)
  • Community creates opportunities to increase your reach and exposure to different markets, ideas & speaking opportunities. 

This is your year to Stop Wishing and Start Working towards the Life you Deserve


Still on the Fence?  Check out some of my past Client’s Successes and Testimonials



“Jack has helped me in so many ways. From publishing my 1st book “Stop the Dumb Stuff” to giving me strategies for how to navigate through my speaking career. Keeping me focused was a major task, but he DID! Sometimes I wonder if he’s even human. He’s such a God-sent! ”
Delores Jones - Television Personality| Author | Speaker |



“Believe it or not, I’m not the greatest in front of audiences. I welcome all the help I can get! It takes confidence, balance and wisdom to make all this happen and Jack is a very BIG part of helping me stay out of my own way 🙂 I thank him from the bottom of my heart!”
Jama Hedgecoth - CEO of Noah's Ark|

Web_Selena J


“There aren’t a lot of people I know who just have it all, but Jack A. Daniels is definitely one of them!  This can be a lonely and confusing business. Jack brings so much clarity to all the confusion.  Following his coaching strategies and advice has helped me tremendously as a speaker, brand and business woman. He’s the Truth!”
Selena J - Radio Personality | Poet | Speaker

Web_Monica Walker

“I learned more about my speaking potential and business in one day with Jack than my 15 years of being a consultant. Absolutely AMAZING! I just wish I’d done this a lot sooner!”
Monica Walker - Executive Consultant & Speaker


“Becoming an author was a dream come true. After years of journaling I realized I had a story to tell. Jack’s expertise as a Business Coach & Mentor was the support I needed to birth my book “OMG What A Mistake”. Jack’s down-to-earth coaching made the process very easy, not so intimidating and enjoyable! I highly recommend using his services and tell everyone I can to let him help to make your dreams come true!”
Mica Callaway - Author | Speaker |


“Jack is probably one of the most inspiring person I know.  He’s helped me find the voice I didn’t think I had.  I’m not all the way there yet, but I’m light years from where I used to be! I took the leap!”
Lisa - Aspiring Speaker



“Deciding to work with Jack Daniels has been one of the best professional decisions I’ve made. He helped me clarify my message as a speaker and showed me how to create an authentic connection with my audience.  Not only am I getting lots of bookings, but I’m also selling my branded products too!”
Jai Stone - ESSENCE Blogger | Brand Coach | Founder of Emotional Nudity |

I’d love to work with YOU Next! 

I’m here to help you… You know how much this could benefit your desire to wanna be a Speaker, get booked for radio or television shows.  How great it would be to have some type of structure in your business.  You even know you need someone who’s going to hold you accountable for following through with your action plans.  Furthermore, you know it’s time to do something different…

Listen, you’ve committed to everything and everyone else except YOU!  You’ve wasted SO much time hoping for that magical experience that hasn’t happened yet. So if you’re SERIOUS about monetizing what you know, join me by committing to yourself. You DESERVE to be seen and heard and have the right to spend your life doing what you know your heart desires most.


Yes Jack, I’m tired of wasting time and money trying to figure out how this business works. I know there’s any easier way and I don’t want to struggle any longer.  You’ve taught others and I know I’ll learn a lot about my message, marketing, speaking, media exposure and how to make money in this business… Count me in!  I’m participating in the Online Training for the Experts Class!”I’m saying YES to myself and I want to invest in my dreams of Monetizing My Expertise. Sign me up for Experts Class! I understand that tuition for Experts Class is normally $1497.  But, since I’m acting now, I will invest $997 no for a limited time…early enrollment is just $497.

Because you’re enrolling now you’ll also receive the following FREE Bonuses:

  • BONUS #1 – Get a FREE MP3 download of my “What’s Hiding IN You?”
  • BONUS #2 – Two (2) LIVE open line Q&A + group strategy session calls with Jack (ME)! ($1,000 Value)
  • FAST Action Bonus: PLUS!! – You can make your Experts Class investment in 1 OR 2 easy investments (see below)
  • FAST Action Bonus PLUS PLUS!! – The 1st 5 people who Register will receive a FREE One-on-One Call with Jack (ME)! – (That’s a $997 Value)
Once your registration is processed via our Secure Online Form, you will automatically receive an email with the schedule and access information.

Quit wasting time trying to figure it out on your own… It’s time to do Something Different!


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